“Sometimes we kill an important thing to us because of fear. After that, we discover that the really important thing is what we learned. Dreams will always be created and destroyed. Hope will always be lost and found. Love will always find another home. And life is this dance. And when you see, you’re dancing without any fear.
Fear doesn’t kill anything, it just moves life to another direction.”
— C.A.F.B. (via iocaio)

#milano (presso Parco Lambro)

#italia #milano

Rezando pelas inimigas. Hahahahaha #duomo #milano (presso Duomo di Milano)

Quem vence? Chi vince?

Isso só pode ser o paraíso! #kinder

Short, But Successful: Why I’m satisfied with the ending of How I Met Your Mother


There’s a lot of discontent (and even anger) right now about the finale of How I Met Your Mother. And, to be honest, I was a little disappointed myself after the ending.

However, the more time I spent thinking about it, the more OK I actually became with how the series ended, for quite a few reasons.

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"She’s on her way, Ted, and you’re meeting her tonight!" ♥️